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Registering your event is a fundamental step! We want to capture every place where the YMCA World Challenge will take place. Create your profile using only your e-mail and birth date and voilá! You can come back any time to add more event locations or to change the information you have provided. If you have any problems, please send us a message at challenge@ymca.int

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Addressed to the leaders of my community, my country and the United Nations: "I stand up for young people and I want their voice to be heard"

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What is the YMCA World Challenge 2014?

The Global Event


432,000 people in over 80 countries celebrated the 1st YMCA World Challenge (YWC) on the same day. It made world (and basketball) history but as you may have guessed, we aren’t the type to live in the past.


The YMCA World Challenge 2014 is the next big step. From now till June 6th, millions will declare that they stand up for young people by signing a global youth declaration, organizing local events, and igniting social networks with our message.

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Why Young People?

The Historic Moment

Jhon Carvajal

Volunteer/ Change AgentSantander, Colombia


“¿Por que la juventud? “Porque no somos el futuro, somos el presente; y lo que hagamos o no hoy, será decisivo para nuestro devenir. Somos los actores principales de esta historia llamada vida y somos por ende, quienes definen su curso.”

Selena Gignac

Comm. Outreach ManagerCanada


“Poverty, inequality, environmental degradation and the marginalization of people won’t just sit it out while we ‘grow up.’ We are redefining what it means to be powerful, influential, and strong. And that’s really what this movement is about- making room to speak and then owning it.”

Alyson Mohan-Lucas

Change Agent - Program ExecutiveUnited States


“We partner with young people to address the needs in our communities. Our relationships with them enrich our lives and increase our ability to make positive change today and in the future.”

Peter Matjašič

President - European Youth ForumSlovenia


Young people are not the future but the present – a gift to society – and as such youth should be empowered, their voices heard and their rights respected

Watan Al-Zubaidy

Change AgentPalestine


“We are the change. We want to be a priority in our community. We are more passionate to give than to take, more eager to create than to judge, and more willing to complete than to compete.”

Kristina Bergmark

Change AgentSweden


“I want every young person to get what was given to me: someone that really believes in you, guides and challenges you to the extent that you know you can change the world and do the same for someone else. Imagine that chain reaction!”

Katerina Kimovska

Change AgentMacedonia


They are essential to any change process in our communities because they become future leaders, policy makers, movers of society and agents of positive change. To refuse the youth of today the opportunity to act in their society is to refuse them the right to affect what happens around them and their future.

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Stand Up for Young People!

Act now! 1-2-3

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Send a video of yourself and people that you know saying “I stand up for young people and I want their voice to be heard”

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Tracking Worldwide Impact

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